County Bank FAQs

What is Kasasa®?

County Bank is proud to offer Kasasa, the most innovative checking and savings accounts available in the banking industry today. These accounts are designed to actually take an interest in the customer by paying them to use their account with what interests them most, such as really high interest, cash back, and digital downloads. The accounts, which are free, have no minimum balance, and offer nationwide ATM fee refunds. The qualifications are simple and most likely you are doing them already: each month – make at least 12 purchases with your debit card, login to online banking, and receive e-statements.

Are there any fees for a Kasasa account?

All Kasasa accounts are free.

Can I transfer my existing County Bank checking account into a Kasasa account?

Yes, the process is easy. Simply contact a County Bank customer service representative. Each account holder is required to sign new account disclosures.

What happens if I don't meet the qualifications in a month?

If there's a month that a customer does not meet the qualifications, there is no penalty or fee. In fact, with the Kasasa Cash and Kasasa Saver, the account holder still earns a base interest rate. Plus, for every Kasasa account if a consumer doesn't meet the qualifications they are eligible the very next month to qualify again.

How will consumers know if they meet the qualifications?

County Bank will send you an email at the end of each statement cycle that will notify you whether you have qualified for the rewards or not. If the accountholder does not meet the qualifications in a given month, the individual will always be eligible the following month for the benefits.

Do I have to own a computer to have a Kasasa account?

No, many customers use computers for online access at a library or their place of employment. Mobile phones are another common method for obtaining online access.

Is there a minimum deposit to open?

A deposit of $50 is required to open each Kasasa account both in-branch and online.

Is there a minimum balance to earn rewards?

There are no minimum balance requirements to earn the rewards. This is one reason why Kasasa accounts are so unique and special. Account holders get the same great customer service and rewards no matter what their account balance.

When do account holders receive their ATM refunds?

Nationwide ATM fee refunds are paid at the end of each statement cycle. Kasasa Cash/Cash Back accounts that are linked with Kasasa Saver accounts will have their ATM refunds swept into the Saver account at the end of the cycle. Standalone Kasasa Cash/Cash Back accounts will have their ATM refunds credited to their account at the end of the cycle.

Can my business have a Kasasa account?

No, at this time Kasasa accounts are only available to consumers.

Can I open a Kasasa account online?

Yes, Kasasa accounts may be opened online. A minimum deposit of $50 is required. A maximum deposit of $1,000 is allowed at the time of initial account opening.