Good News for Quicken Personal Financial Software users! Now you can download your County Bank account information directly into Quicken. This lets you manage your personal and household finances quickly and easily without manually entering each purchase or deposit.

Discover how Quicken Personal Finance Software can help you collect and consolidate financial information directly from County Bank. Now it's easy to see your finances your way, instantly.


  • Save time and money at tax time
  • Forecast your tax flow
  • Get instant insights into your spending
  • Be sure charges, payments and deposits are accurate
  • Pay your bills on time
  • Create and follow a budget
  • Create a plan to reduce your debt
  • Save more money

Get started now!

County Bank's online banking customers can use Quicken software to download and track their checking and savings accounts.

  • Simply enroll in County Bank personal online banking and set up your online account with us
  • Purchase the quicken software and install it to your PC
  • Start the Quicken software and add County Bank Personal Accounts to your Quicken Institutions setup*

*For information on how to use the Quicken software to set up institutions, please check Intuit Quicken or use the Help function within Quicken.